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Patrick Barnard teaches English at Montreal’s Dawson College.
He has been a radio journalist for CBC, Radio Netherlands, and
a contributor to The Nation, Commonweal, and New York Newsday.
He is a member of the National Association for Olmsted Parks
in Washington D.C. , is a founder of Save The Park! Sauvons le parc!
in Montrealas well as a contributer to Montreal Serai.

People of the Year: the pushbackers

"...The Pimento Report on YouTube, for example, provides trenchant commentary
on development and social issues in the west end by Patrick Barnard, a veteran
teacher at Dawson College." continue...

Pimento Report#29: The Arena and The Park
Westmount Arena, In-Depth look at Urban Planning, Westmount Park and Arena

Piment Spécial :
Manifestation Turcot le 11 Novembre 2010 : Pierre Brisset, Dereck Robertson, Valérie Simard en parlent!

Pimento Report#26: Last Train To Rigaud.
A Century of Canadian Rail History Comes to an End, Ride The Last Train to Rigaud, Hear What Is Wrong With Transport Policy.

Pimento 24: Nature Walk through Woods #3 with David Fletcher.

Pimento Report #23: Parc Oygène

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #022: Mayors for Meadowbrook
Mayors for Meadowbrook ...Les maires pour Meadowbrook...
Croteau, Ferrandez demandent un parc nature pour tous les montréalais!...Mayors from the East speak for park in the West!

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #021 - Meadowbrook, The People Speak
The People of Montreal Tell Their City to Save Meadowbrook...
Guilbeault: Il faut sauvegarder Meadowbrook...Citzens go to City Hall, see and hear citizens in action

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #020 Asch et Meadowbrook
Meadowbrook: La trame verte du Grand Sud-Ouest

Pimento Report / Le Piment #019 - Patrick Asch: The Montreal Greenway
Montreal Environmentalist describes Greenway concept...Strategic importance of Meadowbrook

Pimento Report / Le Piment #018 Meadowbrook: Natural Spaces
Mayor Tremblay Commits..Montreal Natural Spaces Programme...
Meadowbrook beauty told by Jo Ann Goldwater...Green Coalition's Vise-President David Fletcher Urges Montreal to Honour Pledge

Pimento Report / Le Piment #017 Season Highlights: New Year's Digest for 2009

The Pimento report / Le Piment #016 Richard Register - The Ecological City

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #15 Le Défi Turcot
Le projet Turcot, transport collectif...Sophie Thiébaut, Pierre Brisset, Jason Prince en parlent!

The Pimento report / Le Piment #14 The Turcot Challenge
Montrealers Discuss Key Transit Choice -- Jason Prince, Pierre Brisset, Sophie Thiébaut...Mass Transit versus Car Addiction

Bernard Vallée...L'Autre Montréal
Animateur urbain parle de Montréal, la tentation drapeau-iste, cette ville des quartiers à l'échelle humaine.

Iran: Quds Day Protests 2009
Video Iran Quds Day Protests Sept. 18 '09--Inside Look at Show Trials, Numbers Protesting, the Cities and Brave citizens

Iran - Summer 2009 Pimento/Piment #011
Digest about events in Iran, during and after the June 12th Presidential election

Afghanistan and Canada - Pimento/Piment #10
Patrick Barnerd's talk with contributors to the book: Afghanistan and Canada

Sustainable Tourism with Simon Milne
New Zealand geographer describes sustainable tourism

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #008 Economic Crisis - Kanjorski / Stanford

Save Your Park
Citizens of Westmount against synthetic turf in urban parks

The Hidden History of Westmount Park

The Pimento Report / Le Piment # 007 Bill Crain: Lead in Synthetic Turf
Expert in children talks about lead in synthetic turf

Guive Mirfendereski speaks about Synthetic Turf
Supplimental Information on lead in synthetic turf from the citizen's group Save Your Park

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #006 with David Fennario
A look at "Fennario's War" with David Fennario

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #005 Canada's Whistleblower
Dr. Shiv Chopra interview

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #004 Le parc écologique -- Tommy en parle!
Le parc écologique de l’Archipel de Montréal -- Tommy Monpetit en parle!

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #002 Le Parc écologique de l’Archipel de Montréal
The Green Coalition advocating the ecological archipelago park of Montreal, establishing, by statute, a necklace
of all the parks and greenspace in the biologically rich section of Quebec that has as its center, the island of Montreal.

The Pimento Report / Le Piment #003 Avrom Shtern Railway Man
Green Coalition transport critic Avrom Shtern on Railway travel

The Pimento Report / Le Piment -Body & Soul Parks Conference
The Pimento Report / Le Piment - A journal on green and social issues drawing on science and art from North America and around the world.