Conseil consultatif/Advisory Board

Clifford Lincoln – Former Québec Environment Minister

Elizabeth May – Leader, Green Party of Canada

Justine McIntyre – Former Leader, Vrai Changement Montréal

Scott Pearce – Mayor, Township of Gore/Prefet, MRC d’Argenteuil/President table des prefets des Laurentides/President, FQM committee on environment and climate change/Acting President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Howard Sauvé – Mayor, Municipality of Gore/Co-warden, MRC d’Argenteuil

Karine Peloffy – President, les Partenaires du lac Tamaracouta et ses environs/Former Director, le Centre Québecois des droits de l’environnement

Mathieu Madison – Biologist

Barry Kent MacKay – Founder, Born Free America/Internationally Renowned Wildlife Artist, Markham, Ontario

Guy Turcotte